One day at a time

Of all the advice I have been given, Living one day at a time, I believe is the best. This allows you to
get through a whole lot of days without too much stress. Mostly, when I think I might have cancer
again, is going into what might happen to me later. The financial people talk to you so bad and
expect you to give up everything you possess to them without any thought for you. Their only
thought is money. You are not a real person to them. I’m still treated the same way after all these
years.(1998 til now. And I pay every month. If you don’t have insurance,cancer is devastating.
It sure was a blessing when I got Medicare.The Lady Rue

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My Greek Doctor

I have had the same doctor for 2 of my cancers. Today I had a checkup and I know he
thinks I panic too much. He said if you had 100 100 yr-old-men, they would all have some
degree of prostate cancer because as you get older you have more chance of having cancer.
He said I shouldn’t worry so much. It’s like thinking you may get hit by a car and dwelling
on it. So, I guess it’s stiff upper lip for me. Would someone please invent a no-worry pill?
I would buy some for sure.

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Crazy Itch

After chemo for breast cancer, I had 30 Radiation treatments. This was in 1999.The
burns have itched ever since. I can reach the front ones but my back is too difficult
to reach also I’m not sure what product to use. I have tried poison ivy lotions and
they work for awhile but I wonder if there is something better that will last longer.
Does anyone know of something that will work longer?
Blessings on each person that reads my words.

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Very Scary Cancer Test

After suffering from 3 cancers you wouldn’t think I would turn into mush when I have
something that needs to be tested, but I do.Went to doctor for tests, turned out okay
but still rattled. Thought the end was near. Maybe a few more years to go. I hope.
There is always tomorrow which, I trust, will be better. Crisis comes at unexpected times
taking all good thoughts from you like a plague, keeping you upset and wondering why
you are still here. I know there is hope for tomorrow, sometimes it’s hard to find.
The best laid plans of mice and men go awry a lot of times. I guess the best thing to do
is keep your chin up and keep smiling. Blessings to all cancer patients. I wish you peace.

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1962-2011-Tulsa police officer
Fought breast cancer 9 years
Prayers to her family, Cathy,Marilyn Harrold, and Stephanie.

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As a cancer survivor when I have a pain somewhere I have a tendency to panic as I am
sure most people who have had cancer do. I read that most people live lives of quiet
desperation. That sure applies to me when I have a strange symptom. It’s panic city.
We should smile more even to strangers because you never know what they are going
through. Even if they don’t return it I’m sure they will feel better and you too. Try
not to live in fear then I believe you can face whatever comes your way. Have faith.

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Life After Cancer

After you have treatment for cancer some people have depression which I’m sure is common.
But there is life after cancer. There are still kin, friends, other cancer folks that can use your
experiences and you have the ability to aid them. That is worth a whole lot when a person
is suffering,maybe holding everything inside. When you can help these kind of people you
will be richly blessed. I know kindness is in short supply nowadays so you can sure make
someones day, maybe mine!

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