Information to Others

After you have had cancer, people seem to be afraid of you. One of my experiences just happened
here in Pryor, when I asked churches if I could speak to their ladies’ groups about what I thought
of the symptoms that led me to seek help. They all refused. One lady said they didn’t want to know any
thing because they might have a reason to think they might have cancer. I find that strange since
you can rarely pick up a newspaper without there being a story about cancer. People are so
odd. I have talked to a lot of people and most have friends or family who have been touched
by cancer. We should all pray for these kind of people.


About cancer1998

Midwesterner. cancer survivor landlady afghan maker
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4 Responses to Information to Others

  1. Twilight's Melody says:

    This Is strange. Believe me, if they ever do have cancer I bet they’ll be wishing they had talked to you.

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