Concerning what to look for when you are worried about cancer, one of the things is any
kind of knot, lump, or growth that you hadn’t noticed before. There may not be pain or
soreness unless you press on it too much. Any thing of that nature should be seen about.
Another thing is a hard spot in the abdomen. There should be none. I have talked to people
who have had a lump for several years not realizing what it was until a doctor brought it to their
attention. Cancer can be very slow growing or sometimes very fast growing. My cousin had a
pain in her back for several months never thinking it could be cancer. She didn’t live very long
after exploratory surgery. Don’t let doctors tell you it’s all in your head. You know your body.
If something feels wrong,have it checked out.


About cancer1998

Midwesterner. cancer survivor landlady afghan maker
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