After surgery,(radical mastectomy plus removal of 15 lymph nodes,next was 4 chemotherapy treatments.
I was told nothing of what was going to happen then. Going into the unknown is pure panic.When the IV
was inserted into my hand I was told i couldn’t move my hand because if the chemicals went into tissue, I
could never use my hand again.Because I made my living with my hand(sewing and alterations)this was
very scary.And if you didn’t drink enough water your kidneys would be ruined then you would be on dialysis.
These things are not true but I believed them then.The surgery for the breast cancer gave me so many side
effects I couldn’t work anyway. And I loved my work.
My first treatment I was told I had about 8 hours before vomiting would start. I had 30 minutes. Good thing I
lived close to the hospital.
My daughter, Linda took care of me. She is a very precious daughter,patient, kind, and sweet. I couldn’t
have had better care.
The loss of hair feels so strange and it never comes back the way you remember it. That’s hard to forget
and the nausea.


About cancer1998

Midwesterner. cancer survivor landlady afghan maker
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