One of the things to watch for in breast cancer,as most people are

aware of, are lumps. I had lumps for a lot of years before one was

the real thing.So always have them checked out. You never know

when it’s real.

My second cancer was in 1999. The doctor detected a hard spot in

my abdomen. It was a cyst but underneath was 3rd stage

ovarian cancer which was deeply embedded and could only be

debulked. I had 6 chemos and so far am okay. Then in 2007, I had

skin cancer and surgery for that. I have wanted for a long time to

tell other people about what happened to me and what to look for,

but everyone is so afraid they might have a symptom, they don’t

want to listen. I can’t understand that.


About cancer1998

Midwesterner. cancer survivor landlady afghan maker
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